Astro and his arrival in Chicago Lollapalooza 2013 : “Beyond any lobby, is a credit to the band”

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The lead singer, Andy Nusser, reveals the details of the invitation that will be sharing the stage with bands like The Cure and Mumford & Sons in August. 

A couple of months ago, the national band Astro received the news would be part of the line-up for Lollapalooza Chicago to be held from 2 to 4 August . Where it would touch the headliners The Cure , Mumford & Sons ,The Killers and Nine Inch Nails .

This week, however, could make the information public when it released the complete list of the guests to the renowned festival. So the surprise was decanted and the group formed by Andrés Nusser, Octavio Caviars, Nicholas and Daniel Arancibia Varas .

Although, really, it was never so surprising. “We knew the band could be in this festival,” says Nusser, vocalist of the band. The steps came thanks to his manager Oliver Knust and production interventions Lotus , it brings Lollapalooza to Chile .”You can be super successful, but if you have no contacts …” he admits. However, the singer makes clear: “beyond any lobby, is a credit to the band.”

They have four years in the Chilean musical scene and are already recognized in our country and abroad: a year of its formation, as presented in the Festival Vive Latino 2010 in Mexico. And his last appearances included a step Bahidorá Carnival in Mexico, two concerts in Panama, Dominican Republic and one in the latest in the Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles, far away subjects like Deer and Panda.

“We always wanted to perform at festivals, go putting the bar high. Did not want to be satisfied with what we were doing at any moment,” continues Nusser.

So, the band takes the invitation to Lollapalooza Chicago calmly. “We do not go crazy. Can not rest at this stage of the game, nor do we believe the hole (sic),” he admits, although bear in mind that before they were Chico Trujillo , Anita Tojoux , Bunkers and the Jaivasother Chileans who trod that version of the festival.

“They are musicians with experience, who have been on big stages. Astro only four years,” analyzes, but not intimidated: “I do not know if they have been scared at that stage, but we are not scared. Yeah there is a concern give a good show and give the likes of them. ” WHAT COMES About five years ago, Andrés Nusser was a concern: native of Osorno and after passing through the Modern School, time seemed venírsele above. “I was urged to do because I wanted my songs to touch an audience and live on that. But I thought, though exaggerated, ‘if Jimi Hendrix died at 27, I’m not going to get it.'” Today, with 29 years of success and tranquility with the band, aspirations are limitless.

“One of the places where we would get is Coachella , what could happen in a couple of years maybe, “says Nusser about the famous American event.

After promoting his latest self-titled album (2011), vocalist and creator of the letters of the topics acknowledges: “I caught the bug and start making songs, they try to do new things,” he reveals, so probably in 2014 and broadcast a new production. Meanwhile, his closest show I made ​​in Bar Loreto on April 30.



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